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What Is Ecommerce?

Here at Busy Sheep Designs, we like to keep our visitors up to date with terms and terminology currently in use on the Internet. To help achieve this, the sheep has been busy researching Ecommerce so you do not have to.

Ecommerce is an abbreviation for the term Electronic Commerce, and at the simplest level it refers to the buying and selling of anything online. In fact, any form of business transaction conducted electronically is ecommerce.

Examples Of Ecommerce Include:

  • Online Shopping –            Amazon, Supermarkets etc
  • Electronic Payments –    Utility bills for example
  • Online Auctions –             Ebay is a prime example
  • Internet Banking –            Either directly via the bank website or via an approved app.
  • Online Ticketing –             Music events, sports events etc.

These are just some of the ways that Ecommerce is shaping the way we pay for goods and services.

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