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What Is An ISP?

Here is some more useful information from The Sheep. For those of you who have ever wondered “What Is An ISP?” Take a look below and see what we have found.

ISP literally means Internet service provider. It is a service (most of the time paid for) which allows you to connect to the Internet.

Why use an ISP?

Unless you have a specialised line (other than a telephone line), you cannot connect directly to the internet using your telephone line. Indeed, the telephone line was not designed for this:

  • it was originally designed to transport “voice”, i.e. a frequency modulation in the range of the voice tone

  • telephone servers only know how to start a conversation from a telephone number

  • unless you resort to a special service, generally it is not possible to have communication between more than two points…

So, the internet service provider is an intermediary (connected to the internet by specialised lines) which gives you access to the Internet, using a number which you enter using your modem, and which enables a connection to be established.

How does the ISP connect you to the Internet?

When you are connected to the Internet through your service provider, communication between you and the ISP is established using a simple protocol: PPP (Point to Point Protocol), a protocol making it possible for two remote computers to communicate without having an IP address.
In fact your computer does not have an IP address. However an IP address is necessary to be able to go onto the Internet because the protocol used on the Internet is the TCP/IP protocol which makes it possible for a very large number of computers which are located by these addresses to communicate.

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