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What Is A URL?

Another gem of technical information from the Busy Sheep. Have you ever wondered “What Is A URL?”. Well read on and all will be revealed. A URL is, in non-technical terms, the address for a website. URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. Web addresses usually start with the letters WWW (believe it or not that actually stands for World Wide Web), and end with a dot followed by letters that indicate the type of website it is. I have included a few examples below.

  • .com = commercial enterprise or business.
  • .org = non-profit organisation.
  • .gov = a government agency.
  • .mil = a military agency.
  • .net = another ending for a commercial enterprise or business.
  • .edu = an educational  establishment.

All countries that have access to the internet also have country codes associated with them, for example:

  • .co.uk = commercial enterprise or business in the UK.

On the Internet, in order to access a website, you need to type in the web address (or URL) into the address box on the browser (normally the top line of the browser). For example, to get to the website of the Busy Sheep Designs company, you would type www.busysheepdesigns.co.uk in the address box. Note how, by adding the www prefix and the .co.uk suffix to the address it automatically becomes formatted as a hyperlink, and the colour changes, when entered in to a page or document.


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