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The Internet Of Things

The sheep has been restless, and has found some information you may find interesting. Have you ever heard of something called The Internet Of Things and wondered what it was all about? Well we have some answers here for you.

Despite the term only recently appearing more and more in technical discussions, it is not new. As far back as 1989, the first domestic appliance to be connected to the internet, a toaster, was unveiled. In its’ simplest form, it is about connecting all manner of devices, and letting them talk to us, to applications, and to each other.

It is most commonly used (in the UK at least), in domestic heating and energy use, with the roll out of smart meters by energy companies. It is more than just smart homes and domestic appliances though, and can be scaled up to include smart cities – with, for example smart traffic lights that monitor traffic frequency, or what about smart rubbish bins that signal when they need to be emptied. Industry uses the system with connected sensors for everything from tracking and locating parts or stock (robotic warehouses) to monitoring crops or livestock (via wi-fi enabled ear tags) in a field.

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