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What Is An SSL Certificate?

An SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate is a digital certificate that both authenticates the identity of a website, and encrypts sensitive information so that any passwords, addresses or credit card […]


Why G Mail Is So Good

On one of our earlier FAQ’s (What is the best free email system to use?) we nominated G Mail, and have discovered some […]


What Is A Blog

Short for “Web Log,” this term refers to a list of journal entries posted on a Web page. Anybody who knows how to […]


What Is Phishing?

Phishing is a con game that scammers use to collect personal information from unsuspecting users. The false e-mails often look surprisingly legitimate, and […]


What Is Spam?

We are not referring to Something Posing As Meat, in this instance the name refers to junk e-mail or irrelevant postings to a […]


What Is A Firewall

A Firewall acts as a barrier between a trusted system or network and outside connections, such as the Internet. However, a computer firewall is more of […]


What Is A Trojan Horse?

Trojan horses are software programs that masquerade as regular programs, such as games, disk utilities, and even antivirus programs. But if they are […]


What Is A Virus?

Like a biological virus, a computer virus is something you don’t want to get. Computer viruses are small programs or scripts that can […]


What Is Malware?

Short for “malicious software,” malware refers to software programs designed to damage or do other unwanted actions on a computer system. Common examples […]

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